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Offers數量: 47+
佣金類型: CPA , CPL
最低付款額: $100
支付頻率: Net-30
支付方法: Check
佣金比例: N/A
追蹤軟件: DirectTrack
追蹤鏈接: http://superaffiliatesoft.net/z/


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EDebitPay's affiliate network, EDebitPay.Net, is a robust, highly diversified network consisting of other affiliate networks, affiliate marketers, independent and affiliated publishers as well as online and offline list managers. This network provides a powerful distribution channel for its own offerings and those of third parties. EDebitPay's associated affiliate marketers and networks include Datran Media, Traffix, LeadClick Media and Monetizeit. The Company actively manages its affiliate relationships and works continuously to expand and increase the effectiveness of its network. As a Publisher in our network, we are very meticulous in regard to the campaigns that we make available in our network in order for publishers to better optimize and monetize their account with EDebitPay and get higher payouts.


I was looking to promote a offer who is available only in EDebitPay. Have you worked with them? Any information that you may have would be appreciated. Thanks.