CPASaw Affiliate聯盟營銷信息

Offers數量: 10+
佣金類型: CPA
最低付款額: $50
支付頻率: Net-30 / Net-15
支付方法: Check / Wire / PayPal
佣金比例: 10%
追蹤軟件: HasOffers
追蹤鏈接: N/A


郵箱:[email protected]


CPASaw is a growing CPA network that goals to bring affiliates and advertisers take revenue together. They provide several offers across niches including health, bizopp, surveys, email submits, and more.


This site does not have any response, may have been closed.

Thank Marc Dwyer
This is my first proof payment.

Bonica, you set a new record with our network, 36 clicks, 54 conversions, with duplicate IPs included, and all declined by the advertiser as fraudulent. You know this so attempting to blackmail us via this forum is pointless.

Bonica you set a record with our network 54 conversions off 36 clicks, duplicate IPs included. Attempting to blackmail us on here won't work.

Also I provided tax documentation on three different occasions to Marc, and received a response saying it was received however, it never was updated in my account. Not only that I submitted it again, over and over with no response, even after asking for some sort of notice, Just an "OK I GOT IT!" reply or anything. But I never received any response.
Now my account is blocked???
We really need to have legal support for networks that rip off affiliates this is ridiculous! We don't work for free. Be upstanding. We trust you to pay us, and then you steal our work. That's not right!
Someone needs to contact me asap. I will not stop writing until someone takes the time to contact me and explains themselves.
Marc this means you... you are my Account Manager. Take the time to address this. I will be posting on all network review sites until I get your attention!
Others interested in cpasaw BEWARE!!!!

I need someone to contact me ASAP! I've been sending traffic all month long, then all of a sudden my account is blocked. I sent email to support but no response. I expected payment but received nothing. Not even a reply as to why my account was blocked.
I would like someone to contact me. I do not send traffic for free. I send traffic "TRUSTING" the fact that you will pay, not rip me off.
Someone needs to contact me asap!!!

This network has just been brought out. From what I can see publisher commissions relied on advertisers paying their bill. All future offers will be paid upfront to ensure that publishers receive their commissions.

Adam had had paid me $127 less than what I was supposed to be paid. Ever since I have told me this he has TOTALLY IGNORED ME! It's been 3 months! I send skype messages every day, e-mails a few times a week, I try calling him even but nothing. This network is a JOKE, DO NOT PROMOTE THEM. He thought just because I was making a lot of money he could try to pull this without me knowing. Like I said before, DON'T PROMOTE THESE GUYS. There are much better networks to choose from, that dont run from a hasoffers platform.

i sand more then ten mails to this network,talk about submit my taxfrom,but not any reply,and not payout,could you tell me haw can i submit taxfrom and then pay me out?

One of the worst Network in planet, Adam always promise to pay but he never pay me. Do not send any traffic to them , Adam and cpasaw are scammer.


I've been waiting for a long time. Can you send me the first payment?


Great network and have a very good support. I have received my payment . Success

thanks cpasaw

Hello Sirs,

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the network and overall experience. I haven't spoken with Adam much, but his manager Tom is an excellent fellow.


It's really a great network and have a very strong support. I have received my payment today. Success