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iQU郵箱:[email protected]

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Offers數量: 200+
最低付款額: $50
支付頻率: Net-30, Net-15, Bi-Weekly
支付方法: PayPal, Wire
佣金比例: 10%
追蹤軟件: HasOffers


iQU is a digital media agency dedicated to game advertising, providing services in the field of player acquisition through performance, dialogue and branding campaigns.

We offer the largest portfolio of global game offers to help our partners to maximize their inventory profitability. Whether you're ready for CPL/A/I based offers and in need of high payouts or fast payments, looking for a quality network with dedicated support, iQU will be able to give you access to our self-service platform and build loyal partnerships together.

iQU® offers industry insights and expertise to help publishers grow great games.

iQU® helps publishers promote their unique game content.

iQU® provides customizable advertising solutions.

Our services are used by early stage game companies as well as AAA advertisers like Electronic Arts, Wargaming, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco and Square Enix.


My payment was marked as paid, but I didn’t receive it, although it has already been 12 days, my manager says that he can’t contact the financial department to clarify, I can’t say anything bad about this network, but the payment didn’t came yet

The folks over at iqu always pay on time and have interesting offers for us!

These guys seem to know what they're doing.

Our team was very pleased with the high number of relevant offers iQU presented to us.

I'd have to say, the support I received while working with iQU was excellent and their wide range of game offers is certainly impressive.

Great team that helps you achieve great results! Probably one of the biggest portfolios for game CPA offers. My AM is responsive and shares plenty of insights. I feel in good hands with them.

The worst of the network, have been tired to pay me money in March to July, and banned my account in September, the network cheated me 5 k

iQU is a good network, always pay on time. I really enjoy working with this network. Network A + + + + +

I did not get my payment and now a month and I'm waiting here to support you have sent many letters and there is no response or support

I Laghdaf Mohamed

With MMO Traffic
The best new games and support a beautiful and powerful they are the best network in this area I thank the administration very much the length of time that pleural Guus Thank you


It is the first payment to me of the giant MMOtraffic ** MMO Traffic BV sent you $203,25 USD ** coooool it better and have a beautiful style of work and special thanks to my friend, my brother

I love it MMOtraffic recommend the best

Nice company - many offers for different games and countries. I think it's a new word in MMO business

Many games in their program, which I like. Also their online stats are super. I can see my expected earnings per month. As for support, I get emails every week with updates. Wish they would pay out per 2 weeks, which they did offer me since I am buying traffic for their offerings.

all in all; everyone should try!

I use their links and widgets on my affiliate MMO websites and I do quite well :) I highly recommend this top level affiliate platform.

Great Affiliate Platform indeed, the affiliates managers are always online 24/7. They are really easy going and always delivered what I asked.

Lost my previous MMO network due to incapable service, bad payouts and lack of partnership feeling...
These guys rock hard and working now with them for three months (made >$30K/month). I have mostly US, South-America and Eastern Europe traffic on my network and have to say...they deliver more than expected and service around the day...great!

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