Aedgency Affiliate聯盟營銷信息

Offers數量: 100+
佣金類型: CPA , CPL , CPS
最低付款額: €50
支付頻率: Net-60
支付方法: Check / Bank Wire
佣金比例: N/A
追蹤軟件: In-house proprietary platform
追蹤鏈接: N/A




Aedgency works with Europe's leading advertisers, with products and services of true interest and value to consumers. We segment by content to guarantee that Aedgency only serves up truly relevant content to surfers. Then we drive the content through one or more of our four privileged communication channels – contextual offers, email marketing, cashback and Aedgency publishing. You have the power to maximize your website's potential! Just open the door to Aedgency Affililation and start working with the hottest brands online today. As a member of our affiliation network, you will see us working hard to bring you the biggest chunk of marketing and advertising revenue possible. Start enjoying the many benefits of the Aedgency Affiliation platform from the moment you register. All it takes is for you to register and receive your login name and password, then we can show you the details of our available campaigns. We will consult you on which campaigns fit best with your traffic and web content and you will start to see results almost instantaneously.