Fingertip Affiliate聯盟營銷信息

Offers數量: 200+
佣金類型: CPA
最低付款額: $100
支付頻率: Weekly
支付方法: PayPal, Wire
佣金比例: 5%
追蹤軟件: In-house proprietary platform
追蹤鏈接: N/A

電話:+52 8119301014

郵箱:[email protected]


Fingertip is a performance advertising company that specializes in lead generation and customer acquisition in the LATAM region. We are looking for quality Telcel traffic and the flow is as follows: Content delivery by subscription renewal base model, the potential subscriber will land on a welcome kit or landing page, and will see the content offer, pricing, and terms and conditions, at any click over the join or subscribe button will execute a conversion and the user will be granted access to the service. Most of our offers are exclusive so you can expect the absolute best payouts!! As a Fingertip affiliate you will access to: *Round the clock support no matter where you are located. *Real time reporting and tracking allowing you to optimize at your convenience. *Fast reliable payments and a wide variety of payment methods and deals.