OfferWallAds Affiliate聯盟營銷信息

Offers數量: 241
佣金類型: CPL, CPA, CPI
最低付款額: $10
支付頻率: Net-30
支付方法: PayPal
佣金比例: N/A
追蹤軟件: CPANetworkScript
追蹤鏈接: N/A

電話:+44 8432894528

郵箱:[email protected]


We are a UK based affiliate network and have recently launched an Offerwall. Our range of offers include CPC, CPI, CPA and CPL. We offhque and provides many features e.g. choosing your currency type (Example POINTS, CASH or Other), and set your own percentage of profit. Offerwall is designed to show you country and device specific offers. Payments are made via Paypal on Net 30 basis.


hello i am pud ID 1030 on the network offer wall site and is payments being late this month am still waiting on my net30 payment i tried contacting the network over 5 times by email, on there site and thru facebook but no answer back just trying to see why my payout is being late I have many members waiting on there payments and have to wait for network payments to be able to pay them since my site is really new right now please get back to me on when payments will be going out thanks

This offerwall has been very good, I've received all payments on time total of 3 so far going to 4 soon and I would recommend using this offerwall with your app or website to monetize your users :)

Pays always on time. Great skype support with the administrators.

Good network and Good Support

We received our first layment on time.
So far nothing negative to report.