Cpasilkroad Affiliate聯盟營銷信息

Offers數量: 2000+
佣金類型: CPA , CPL , CPS
最低付款額: $50
支付頻率: Net-20 / Weekly
支付方法: PayPal / Check / Bank Wire
佣金比例: $5 per referral + 5% commission
追蹤軟件: Gain Corporation
追蹤鏈接: N/A


郵箱:[email protected]


Cpasilkroad (Formerly known as Tractatusmedia) is an international advertisement platform based in Turkey. An affiliate of our system is completely free. After being an affiliate of our system, you can perform any of our campaigns by considering the content and the visitor population of our site. Cpasilkroad will assist any of your problems with its experienced and gentle team. Cpasilkroad is not on the side of causing troubles but solving problems. With the help of real time reporting, you are able to follow the display, hit rate and completion of your campaigns instantly. This reporting system will help you to choose the campaigns.For further information please contact with us.


Good program!

bad network i wont ever bring them another lead. if you want a network that will pay and not reverse leads (even genuine ones) i strongly advise not using them. i asked why my payment from last month hadnt arrived they ignored my ticket and instead reversed all novembers leads. whats left on my account is about $90 which i dont at this minute expect to get. i feel the name change is to lure more unsuspecting new promoters. this review will cost me what they owe still i am sure but it is worth it if it stops 1 single site from being cheated.

this network has been the worst one i have ever worked with and i work with a number of networks. there are better ones out there, if your new to promoting try the other networks on affpaying there are some really good ones

Tracatus has paid me and it has been on time. Damla is my affiliate manager and is always very helpful and above all very courteous when replying to my emails and support tickets.

Tracatus is now called CPAsilkroad.

I like this network and will continue using them.

Never a bad experience here.

I always get paid, best support out there I can almost always reach somebody.

It is the only network I worked seamlessly.

I was afraid of getting my payment in the first month that I became member. My payment was made after five days. When I had more confidence in them, I started to run more campaigns in the second month. But It was stil the same fear. I received the second payment.I get all my payment continuously for almost two years.

Tractatus Media is amazing network. They are the leader in the incentivized affiliate marketing.

My first payment from Tractatus received by paypal $1,000 thanks guys

Tractatus is an excellent network.Tons of great offers and the highest payouts in the industry.

I only run incentive offers on incentive sites. I started with Tractatus Media about 5-6 monts ago. I was paid on time. They have great support, great rates and campaigns.

Great offers with good support :) One of my top networks.

We started using Tractatusmedia the first month we launched. The offers ran from May 24th to July 14th, we received a total of 76 offers submitted. Not one offer credited!! We also were issued a new account manager with out any notice.

I also find it a bit fishy that a post below has been replied to by a Tractatusmedia Manager when asking what the site has to offer, but has not taken the time to defend their company, nor help their current publishers!! I am not sure how others feel, but i personally find their actions to be very unprofessional, discreditable, and frankly disrespectful.

A lot of international offers here. Looking forward to working with them :)

I started last month at end of month so only generated $106 bucks and they paid so i will give them a good review, i will leave another review next month as this month i have generated over 1k already and if i recieve that payment then you will be first to know

Has anyone used TractatusMedia before? I'm currently looking for a cpa network with plenty of international campaigns for a few of my sites. Thanks very much!